Carpet Cleaners In Washington

Carpet Cleaning In Washington

Home owners, Tenants and Landlords

When it comes to Carpet Cleaners in Washington, you needn’t look any further. I started cleaning carpets for local home owners and landlords back in 1999 with the goal of providing the whole of the North East with an excellent cleaning service at affordable prices and it’s safe to say that it’s been a success. With over 100 of happy clients and hundreds of jobs under my belt there is no one better equipped to carry out all of your cleaning-related jobs including carpets, upholstery, and car cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners In Washington

Our Services Include

Revive Old Carpets

Old Carpets

When it comes to sprucing up your house, most people opt to have a completely new carpet fitted, however, 9 times out of 10 this is simply not necessary and having a good, thorough carpet clean is all you need to revive your carpets to their former glory.

End Of Tenancy

End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning In Washington
As we all know, first impressions are incredibly important, which is why having your rental properties spick and span before your new tenants move in is imperative. Our End-of-Tenancy Cleans are thorough-yet-fast, giving you time to move things in while still being ensured that the whole place is spotless.

Remove Pet Odours

Pet Hair & Odours

While having a pet is a bundle of fun, having to clean up their malting hair from your carpets, curtains and settees is not as fun, which is where we come in. With specialist Prochem Products we are able to effortlessly remove all signs of your pet from your house at an affordable rate.

Remove Tough Stains

Tough Marks & Stains
Not everyone is perfect and occasionally accidents do happen. Spilling a cup of tea on your brand new carpet is never an ideal situation to be in, however, with the help of Washington Carpet Cleaning you can effortlessly remove tough stains and marks.

Prochem Carpet Cleaning

We only use the best products

Many carpet cleaning companies use unknown and untested products, however, here at Washington Carpet Cleaning, we can happily say that we only use Prochem Products, which is the leading recognised name in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best service, which is why we have been using Prochem since day one. They have been considered the industry standard for a staggering 35 years and their 100% environmentally friendly products are a world above the typical, off-the-shelf cleaning brands that actually do more harm than good.

If you are interested in a cleaning company that truly cares about quality control then Washington Carpet Cleaners is ideal for you!

Prochem Carpet Cleaning


How often should my carpets be cleaned?

Depending on a number of factors (How often the room is used, if pets are allowed in, if shoes are worn, etc.), carpets should be cleaned no less than once every year. Neglecting your carpets and only washing them once in a blue moon will only do one thing to them –and it’s certainly not improving their lifespan. We recommend that you clean your carpets several times per year to ensure that they last for a long time.

Why do I need to clean my carpets?

Although you may think that your carpets are perfectly clean, there are often microscopic organisms hiding in-between the fibres that can easily get out of control if not controlled. These organisms can cause itching, allergies, horrible smells, discolouring of the carpet and even disease. While vacuuming is highly recommended it alone is not enough to completely wipe out any bacteria that may be hiding on your carpets, which is where carpet cleaning comes in.

Are the chemicals you use safe?

As we mentioned above, the Prochem cleaning products that we use are the very best that money can buy and we can give you every assurance that they are completely safe for use around children and animals. We pride ourselves on the equipment and products that we use and we know that you will thoroughly love Prochem’s results.

What equipment do you use?
The equipment we use depends on the specific job that is being done, however, all of our equipment is expert-grade and used by the very best industry professionals, allowing us to do a thorough job.
How can I pay?
We offer a number of different payment options, such as bank transfer, cash payments, and even paying by cheque (providing you have a valid guarantee card).
Where are you located?

We are located locally in Washington, Newcastle. With hundreds of happy customers and amazing appraisals, we are easily the best Carpet Cleaners in Washington! Have a look on our homepage to see what our happy customers have to say.