Upholstery Cleaning In Washington

Upholstery Cleaner In Washington

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If you are looking for the very best Upholstery Cleaning in Washington, you are in the right place. We have all clumsily spilt a drink over our lovely furniture, staining the fabric and, trust me, I know how bad it feels. With the help of Washington Carpet Cleaning, you are able to restore your furniture to its former glory, giving it the love and attention that it needs.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Services Include



After years of constant use, bits of dirt and food that are stuck in between the fabric can really begin to smell and, when this happens, the best way to quickly and effortlessly restore it to its former glory is with a full upholstery clean.

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Here at Washington Carpet Cleaning we understand that occasionally accidents do happen. While staining your brand new upholstered sofa is never a pleasant thing to go through, it only takes a quick call to us and your furniture will look brand new in no time!

Furniture Maintenance

Sofa Cleaning
When it comes to keeping your furniture looking healthy and smelling great, occasional Upholstery cleans simply don’t cut it. With our Furniture maintenance plan, we regularly clean your furniture to ensure that it is always looking clean.

Prochem Upholstery Cleaning

We only use the best products

We have been providing Upholstery Cleaning in Washington for a number of years now and we have always prided ourselves on the fact that we have only ever used Prochem Products, which are the industry standard. After reading countless hours reading articles on the subject and doing a great deal of research we first decided to use Prochem because of the fact that it is 100% safe for use with children, which is something that cannot be said for a lot of other cleaning products out there. As well as being clinically tested and certified safe for use with animals and children, Prochem Products are also completely environmentally friendly.

We strongly believe that our dedication to using only the best-of-the-best comes through in our work and when you compare our upholstery services to the competition we come out head and shoulders above the crowd. If you truly care about what products are used to clean your house then we are the people for you!

Prochem Carpet Cleaning


My furniture days “dry clean only” on the labels, can I still use your service?

While many fabrics do indeed say dry clean only on them, this is almost always a clever ploy by the manufacturer to reduce their liability in case someone who doesn’t know what they are doing tries to clean it another way and messes it up. Our staff are incredibly experienced in the art of upholstery cleaning and there is no one more equipped for the job than us. We are able to wet clean items of furniture that would normally require dry cleans due to the professional tools and superior cleaning products that we utilise.

How often does my furniture need to be cleaned?
Depending on a number of factors (How often the room is used etc.), Furniture should be thoroughly at least once every twelve months. While you may not think that your things need cleaning, the microscopic organisms like bacteria that thrive between the fibres are slowly eating away at the fabric, causing a reduced lifespan as well as a whole host of health problems that are better avoided by a simple clean.
How long does drying take?
The saying “patience is a virtue” isn’t really applicable when it comes to our cleaning services. Your fabric should be completely dry within a few hours, which is great! While the drying process is relatively quick, we urge you not to sit on your cushions/ furniture until it is completely dry as this can undo all of the work that we have just done.
Are your products pet-friendly?
Absolutely. If you read the section above about the product we use, you will see how amazing they are! By solely using Prochem products we can ensure you that our methods/ processes are completely safe for children and pets.
How can I pay?
We offer a number of different payment options, such as bank transfer, cash payments, and even paying by cheque (providing you have a valid guarantee card).
Where are you located?

We are located locally in Washington, Newcastle. With hundreds of happy customers and amazing appraisals, we are easily the best Carpet Cleaners in Washington! Have a look on our homepage to see what our happy customers have to say.